Chelsea Flower Show

Some things never change. The Chelsea Flower Show was crowded and there was, to my way of thinking, too much emphasis on hard landscaping rather than plants. Refreshments are priced just right if you're a sheikh or a Russian oligarch. The gardens look much smaller than they do on the television.

As ever, though, there were plenty of attractive plants and gardens. I hate to think that gardening is subject to fashion but it is. This year, the fashion seems to be for foxgloves. Well, I certainly won't complain about that! They're such beautiful flowers and very attractive to bees. In fact, one of the most noticeable things about Chelsea was the large number of bees – and no wonder, with all those foxgloves, thistles and lavender.

If the Meteorological Office had got things right for once, we'd have been drenched yesterday evening. Fortunately for the bees and us, they got it wrong.

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