Nick Clegg, European Commissioner?

There have been recurrent rumours over the last couple of years that Nick Clegg would become a European Commissioner after the next election. There seems no doubt that he will be out of a job by then. Labour is currently leading the polls but it is possible that the Conservatives might win; what is certain is that the Liberal Democrats will have a disastrous election and Clegg, rightly or wrongly, will pay the price.

As a keen (one might almost say fanatical) supporter of the European Union, Clegg should ask himself if this is an appropriate, sensible or moral course to take. What many eurosceptics find particularly objectionable about the EU is the lack of true democracy, as typified by the post of Commissioner. This unelected post has long been a sinecure for politicians rejected by their electorates or removed from office due to scandal. In the light of the Liberal Democrats' laudable campaign to make the House of Lords democratically accountable, it would be the height of hypocrisy for Clegg to connive in the perpetuation of this sordid European institution.


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