Excitement at Tiger HQ

We are getting very excited here at the headquarters of the massive Tiger of the Stripe media empire in the heart of leafy Richmond upon Thames. The quiet bucolic charm of Richmond is in stark contrast to our feverish exertions at Tiger HQ where we are planning for a very important book launch. As the massive steam presses begin to roll (being, no doubt, flat-bed cylinder presses), we await with eager anticipation the advance copies of Julia Lacey Brooke's The Stoic, the Weal and the Malcontent: Malcontentedness on the Elizabethan and Jacobean Stage. This is a work of quite mind-boggling scholarship and a fascinating read to boot. It will be published in October and any periodical which would like to review it is invited to contact me here. We anticipate that this book will be a great hit in academic circles.

Julia is remarkable for being not only a fount of knowledge about the renaissance theatre but also a very talented novelist. We are hoping to publish several of her novels and a book of short stories in the not-too-distant future, although they are so good that we half hope she will get a better offer from another publisher. It would be a great loss for us but we always want the best for our authors.

We are also thrilled to learn that one of our titles is being reviewed in a major national magazine. More news on that when we have full details.

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