Exciting Times at Tiger of the Stripe

These are exciting times at Tiger of the Stripe. After a long absence working on other projects, I have been able to start working again on books I started preparing a couple of years ago. First off the press will probably be An Apology for the Life of Major General Gunning. This will be our first book with colour illustrations, thanks to a new, affordable colour printing service from Lightning Source. Gunning, brother to the Countess of Coventry and the Duchess of Argyll was a dreadful rogue and seducer. This new annotated edition offers new insights into the scandal, the so-called Gunning Mystery, which precipitated his fall from grace in 1792. Who was responsible for the forged correspondence between his daughter, Elizabeth, and the Marquess of Blandford? Was it Elizabeth herself, or her mother? Or perhaps the sinister Captain Essex Bowen?

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